12031101 Spanish Modelo 1843 Infantry Pioneer Machete or Short Sword and Scabbard $465.00





Distinctive pattern short sword, one of the Modelo 1843 family of machetes, as the Spanish call them. This lion head hilt example was the side arm issued to the "Gastadores" or combat pioneer squads which formed a small, elite section in each regular infantry regiment and volunteer battalion. The 16" (40.5 cm) clip point blade has a age toned finish with some very light pitting and a dent on the upper edge near the point. The ricasso is not maker marked. The one piece cast brass hilt has a crossguard with an elongated diamond shaped center and quillons ending in button finials, the lower quillon has been bent forward and was originally straight matching the upper quillon. The grip has pointed scales and the pommel forms a detailed lion's head. Complete with the black leather scabbard, rare found still with the weapon, that has both brass throat and drag and has age shrunk about 3/4". This machete was purchased a number of years ago at an auction of de-accessioned items from the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland guaranteeing that it is a Spanish American War souvenir. I have had it in my collection since then and it is the same machete pictured in the "Military Trader" February 2010 cover article on Model 1843 machetes, a copy of the magazine is included in this sale. I have upgraded to a slightly better example and will pass this one on as I do not need two. Good condition S&H-$15.00